No-code features for more chatbot and less effort

See how easy is to create an engaging conversational experience in minutes. Create, modify and follow your chatbot’s progress in a complete and simple administration interface.

Discover what a chatbot can do for you
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When we say no-code, we mean it.

Here’s what you can do without technical skills

Choose between the different conversation modes

AI-Powered: Open conversation type. The user asks a question using its vocabulary—the Natural Language Processing Machine of the chatbot analyses the question and gives the right answers.

Rule-based: A conversation entirely guided. The chatbot proposes several options to the user, and the one selected opens predefined conversation trees.

Hybrid: The complete experience from combining AI-Powered and Rule-based questions. The simplicity of decision-tree bots powered with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

chatbot conversation modes
Chatbot escalation to support

The chatbot escalates questions it can’t answer to ensure problems are resolved and addressed at the right level.

Escalation: Never leave a question without answer

What happens when the chatbot cannot reply to a question? The chatbot automatically launches the escalation process that takes over and proposes the following solutions:

Send an automatic email with the conversation history attached.

Create a ticket in the ITSM connected tool (Service Now, BMC Remedy, Easy Vista...)

Search for the solution on the Office 365 support page, when possible.

Personalized escalation to human support

And many more features