Witivio Delivers a Personalized Employee Experience in Microsoft Teams

Witivio stands out through its profound employee insight, ensuring a personalized experience that engages, enables, and empowers. Backed by cutting-edge technology and exceptional support, it's a best-in-class solution that redefines excellence.

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Elevate Your Digital and Hybrid Workplace with Witivio Solutions Integrated in Microsoft Teams!

In the ever-evolving landscape of work, adaptability is key. Witivio offers the ultimate solution for digital and hybrid workplaces, seamlessly integrated within Microsoft Teams. Say goodbye to geographical barriers and hello to effortless collaboration.

With Witivio, your teams can work harmoniously whether in the office, remote, or both, all while enhancing employee satisfaction and customer experiences. Embrace the future with Witivio and unlock a new era of workplace excellence.

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Shape culture, foster connections

Modernize your employee experience

One place to connect with news, conversations and resources from across the organization

Tailor the experience to targeted employee groups, roles, or geos

Brand the experience with name, icon, colors and logos reflecting your organization's identity

Personalized experience that delivers relevant content, information and resources, powered by Ai and Microsoft Graph

Integrate your investments in partner solutions from leaders including Workday and ServiceNow

Witivio have the perfect solution to support an engaging digital work environment.

MetaOffice Pro for Microsoft Teams

Anywhere, Anytime Connection

Target, prioritize and analyze

Scale up or down communications to keep everyone informed

Boost critical content to the top of employee feeds

Drive dialogue and engagement with announcements to specific communities or all employees

Leverage modern editing features to delegate posting, schedule publishing, and track impact

Green Center Sustainability Solutions

Sustainable Solutions for a Better Tomorrow

Empower your organization with Green Center and Search Center for M365

Reduce your carbon footprint with actionable insights

Optimize resource usage with smart analytics

Enhance productivity with Search Center for M365

Streamline workflows and improve decision-making

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