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Empower Seamless Collaboration

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Invest in Calendar Pro, Contact Pro, and Gantt Chart Pro to foster collaboration, growth, and talent retention.

Calendar Pro for Microsoft Teams

Efficient Time Management

Coordinate Schedules with Calendar Pro

Sync and share events seamlessly across teams

Streamline scheduling for hybrid work setups

Integrate with Contact Pro and Gantt Chart Pro for seamless collaboration

Contact Pro for Microsoft Teams

Enhanced Communication

Connect and Collaborate with Contact Pro

Centralize contact information for instant access

Facilitate quick communication across virtual teams

Integrate with Calendar Pro and Gantt Chart Pro for streamlined workflows

Gantt Chart Pro for Microsoft Teams

Project Visualization

Collaborate Effectively with Gantt Chart Pro

Visualize project timelines for better planning

Allocate resources efficiently for hybrid collaboration

Seamlessly integrate with Calendar Pro and Contact Pro for comprehensive project management

Empower Collaboration with Witivio

Elevate Employee Collaboration

Planning and Organization

Calendar Pro is a collaborative calendar for Microsoft Teams. Add Calendar Pro into a channel to create a shared calendar with its members.

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Streamlined Contact Management

Contact Pro is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to have their contacts accessible and organized in Microsoft Teams.

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Efficient Project Scheduling

Visualize project schedules on Microsoft Teams with Gantt Chart Pro.

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