Break the limits of remote collaboration

MetaOffice Pro creates a digital world in Microsoft Teams where employees can spend time together, collaborate and work regardless of their location

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MetaOffice Pro for Hybrid Workplaces

Feel like you're at the office from the comfort of your home:

🖐 Say hello to your colleagues
☕ Have a coffee together
👩‍💻 Go to your desk
📅 Head to the meeting room
🍽️ Have lunch with other colleagues
🗣️ Welcome and introduce yourself to a new arrival!
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What makes MetaOffice Pro unique?

We specialize in creating a seamless, interactive, and engaging virtual office environment.

Virtual Collaboration

Facilitate team collaboration with virtual meeting rooms, whiteboards, and project spaces.

Employee Engagement

Boost employee engagement with interactive social zones and team-building activities.

Quick Setup

Get your virtual office up and running in no time, with minimal learning curve.

Transform the way you work, engage, and collaborate.

Rebuild connections among colleagues

With the transition to the digital workplace, there is a significant gap in face-to-face interaction, and we are confined to our screens.

It can be challenging to enhance corporate culture and teamwork with remote work. Why not improve it and make the experience more engaging?

MetaOffice Pro for Microsoft Teams

Optimize Your Remote and In-Office Collaboration

Empower your team to work from anywhere while feeling connected and included.

Flexible Work Environment: Adapt to in-office, remote, or hybrid work settings effortlessly.

Real-Time Collaboration: Share documents, conduct meetings, and collaborate in real-time.

Inclusive Culture: Utilize features like virtual water-coolers and team-building modules to foster a sense of community.

Elevate Your Hybrid Workplace with MetaOffice Pro

MetaOffice Pro for Microsoft Teams

Strengthen Team Spirit

Discover how Microsoft France elevated their afterwork event to a new level with a virtual murder mystery party.

Engaging Experience: Transform routine team-building into an immersive, interactive experience.

Enhanced Team Spirit: Foster stronger bonds and improve communication through collaborative problem-solving.

Watch Mathias, CSM at Microsoft, share his experience in the video testimony.
Watch Mathias's Testimony

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