Break the limits of remote collaboration

MetaOffice Pro creates a digital world in Microsoft Teams where employees can spend time together, collaborate and work regardless of their location

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Rebuild connections among colleagues

With the transition to the digital workplace, there is a significant gap in face-to-face interaction, and we are confined to our screens.

It can be challenging to enhance corporate culture and teamwork with remote work. Why not improve it and make the experience more engaging?

MetaOffice Pro offers different spaces for interaction

Recruitment, Afterwork, company events, project teams, whether in full remote work or hybrid...

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Immersed in an interactive environment that replicates reality, colleagues will be able to freely exchange with a personalized experience.

Feel like you're at the office from the comfort of your home:

🖐 Say hello to your colleagues
☕ Have a coffee together
👩‍💻 Go to your desk
📅 Head to the meeting room
🍽️ Have lunch with other colleagues
🗣️ Welcome and introduce yourself to a new arrival!
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An inclusive and responsible metaverse in Microsoft Teams

metaoffice responsable


We aim to offer you an innovative universe while respecting your commitment to sustainable development.

metaoffice accessible


A Phygital universe can exist without requiring expensive equipment, complex configurations, and deployment that triples your workstation costs.

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Our solution must be inclusive, user-friendly, immersive, and focused on spontaneous collaboration.

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