Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and imposible-to-find information.

Virtual Agent Studio is the no-code chatbot builder that helps companies assist employees at scale. Manage the chatbot’s knowledge without technical expertise. Deploy the chatbots right where employees work: Teams, Intranet, web, and more.

Discover what a chatbot can do for you

What Virtual Agent Studio can do for employees

chatbot can answer questions 24/7

Providing information 24/7

Navigate the company’s information maze by “chatting” to an information source.

Provide information about internal processes and policies
Route the employee to the right document or contact
Escalate a ticket to a human for further action

Performing simple and recurring tasks

For routine, repetitive chores, chatbots are an effective service tool.

Take user’s details to retrieve information
Tasks like password reset and contact detail updates
Automate workflows
chatbots can perform simple and recurrent tasks

What makes Virtual Agent Studio different?

Other solutions try to do everything. We know what we’re good at – Hybrid workplace and Employee experience AI.

Shared Know-How

We ensure you become an expert on workplace conversational experience.

Workplace First

We focus on developing a solution for employees and workplace.

3 Weeks Deployment

Your chatbot can be up and running in less than 3 weeks, depending on the scope.

Nobody ever got fired for trying to optimize the way we work

Some of the companies that use Virtual Agent Studio

More than 95.000 employees are using Virtual Agent Studio daily. So, we’re convinced that it can work for you too.