Enterprise Chatbots For IT and Helpdesk

Discover what a chatbot can do for you

In an ever-changing and continually evolving environment, we support the Information System and Technology departments on implementing fast solutions.

The issue of optimizing response time to incident reports is one of the time-consuming factors for the Information Systems Department. We can resolve this issue easily with our solutions.

The reinforced relationship between the IT and other business departments also allows us to support the IT department in its ability to grow and offer a catalog of services to its users.

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What can Virtual Agent Studio do for IT and Helpdesk


Increase your Catalogue of Services

Strengthen the connection between support and users by allowing direct access to the company’s catalog of services


Automated requests

Request follow-up

Colleagues feel listened to

Resolve Helpdesk IT issues

Ideal for empowering employees with their current IT-related questions


Independent collaborators

Fewer tickets created

IT support relieved


Connect to your ITSM to declare incidents

Allows you to consider advanced issues and link to the ticketing tool with qualified requests


Qualified inquiries

24/7 assistance

More solved tickets

Why connect a chatbot to your ITSM?

Improve ticket management: the user can independently resolve minor IT problems. We estimate that the virtual assistant can reduce your calls to IT support by 35%.

Automate processes: grant access to specific IT tools, generate an email address, create accounts for each application, etc.

Collect strategic data: most recurring type of problem, % of resolved issues, the number of tickets generated and the percentage of satisfaction.


The chatbot is a virtual assistant available 24/7. It supports employees in their process and questions.

No, you don’t need to be a developer to create your chatbot with Witivio. Our user-friendly platform allows anyone to enter information and configure the chatbot easily. You can even import your content directly to get your first knowledge base quickly.

The time to set up a chatbot depends on the amount of knowledge you want to enter. Technically, it’s straightforward! From a functional point of view, we recommend building your chatbot in 3 phases: writing, training, and piloting. You are free to spend the time you need on each of these stages. On average, 2 to 3 months are enough to obtain a reliable and efficient result.

We recommend support on the construction of your 1st chatbot. Thanks to our various support packages, take advantage of relatively light or more advanced support depending on your needs, and quickly become autonomous on the Witivio platform.