Guide Change with a Virtual Agent

It is essential to support your employees during a significant change: move, change of IT tools ... This way, you will limit the fears and apprehension of everyone.

Discover what a chatbot can do for you
chatbots and virtual agents for change management

How a Virtual Agent can help with Change


Anticipate a relocation

A significant step in the life of an employee: relocating! A chatbot can be your best ally to support before, during, and after the move.


Reassured employees

Better communication

Decrease the stress of the situation

Deploy a new IT tool

Are you about to replace an IT tool or to perform an impactful upgrade for your users? Anticipate the changes so as not to be overwhelmed on D-Day and to best support your employees.


Support employees on process

Increase adoption of the new tools

Reduce workload of Helpdesk IT


Feedback and well-being at work

Have recent changes in the organization disrupted your employee habits? Relocation to an open office? A buyout or a merger? Support your employees by communicating and collecting their opinions.


Colleagues feel listened to

Anonymous or open feedback

Better communication

Are you considering moving to a hybrid workplace model?

The virtual agent can be a good solution to answer your employees' questions and reduce their fears related to this major change:

General questions

Answer general recurring questions from users and give them maximum visibility before, during and after the change. How is the change going? Will working from the office still be possible? Why do we go hybrid?

Dates and practical information

Ideal for reminding employees about deadlines, giving practical information to employees to reassure them. When will it happen day? When Can I go to the Office? Can I leave all my belongings there?


Provide regular information to ensure that employees are well informed about the main stages of the project


Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need to be a developer to create your chatbot with Witivio! Our user-friendly platform allows anyone to enter information and configure the chatbot easily. You can even import your content directly to get your first knowledge base quickly.

The time to set up a chatbot depends on the amount of knowledge you want to enter. Technically, it’s straightforward! From a functional point of view, we recommend building your chatbot in 3 phases: writing, training, and piloting. You are free to spend the time you need on each of these stages. On average, 2 to 3 months are enough to obtain a reliable and efficient result.

After the relocation, the chatbot can evolve and take on new missions to make the most of it. Take advantage of the positive relationship created and your employees’ adoption during the relocation to give more tasks to your chatbot. Reuse the knowledge related to the move by keeping all the information related to the new premises to make your chatbot an onboarding tool for new employees! It will also be useful for occasional visitors.