Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and imposible-to-find information.

GPT Pro is the AI no-code chatbot builder that helps companies assist employees at scale. Manage the chatbot’s knowledge without technical expertise. Deploy the chatbots right where employees work: Teams, Intranet, web, and more.

Discover what an AI chatbot can do for you
Interface GPT Pro pour Microsoft Teams

Transform your enterprise with GPT Pro like them

Embrace the future of AI in business with GPT Pro. Our platform revolutionizes the way enterprises interact, innovate, and operate. Join the forefront of the digital evolution and redefine your business with intelligent solutions.

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Empower Your Team with GPT Pro Capabilities

GPT Pro in action

Transform Your Enterprise Collaboration

Harness the power of AI to foster a smarter, more connected workplace with GPT Pro.

Engage in interactive Q&A sessions, gaining instant, context-aware insights tailored to your specific business needs.
Access and analyze content from SharePoint or other integrated platforms, streamlining information retrieval and decision-making.
Seamlessly integrate with your enterprise systems through customizable OpenAI plugins, ensuring a cohesive and intelligent ecosystem.

Discover GPT Pro: Next-Gen GPTs for Microsoft Teams

Elevate your Microsoft Teams experience with GPT Pro. Engage in intelligent conversations, securely upload documents, and monitor performance all in one place.

Hosted on Azure

Benefit from the security and scalability of Microsoft Azure, ensuring your data stays protected and accessible.

Revolutionary AI Conversations

Engage with the pinnacle of digital interaction, powered by GPT-4 Turbo. Our advanced AI delivers instant, intelligent responses, setting a new standard in conversational technology.

Chat with docs

Advanced RAG support. Chat with your PDF, DOCX or PPTX.

AI Plugin Support

Connect enterprise business data and apps seamlessly with GPT Pro's AI plugin capabilities.

Engage with your documents in a whole new way, upload and converse directly with your files.

Performing simple and recurring tasks

For routine, repetitive chores, chatbots are an effective service tool.

Take user’s details to retrieve information
Tasks like password reset and contact detail updates
Automate workflows

Empower Your Team with GPT Pro

GPT Pro integrates seamlessly into your business workflow, offering advanced AI capabilities and collective intelligence to optimize your enterprise operations.

Discover how GPT Pro's generative AI can create custom solutions for your specific business needs, from automating routine tasks to providing insightful data analysis, all within the familiar environment of M365 and Teams.

Leverage GPT Pro's ability to interact with your system infrastructure, analyze data from SharePoint documents, and share insights, all while ensuring the highest standards of data governance and control.

Explore how GPT Pro's collective intelligence features allow for prompt sharing, custom plugin creation, and business data integration, fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.
Intelligent Automation

Automate complex tasks like submitting expenses, onboarding employees, or updating benefits with GPT Pro's adaptive conversational AI, tailored to your business processes.

Seamless Integration

Connect GPT Pro with your existing systems and data sources, ensuring a smooth flow of information and enabling real-time, data-driven decisions.

Advanced Analytics

Harness the power of GPT Pro's generative AI to analyze complex datasets, generate reports, and uncover actionable insights, driving business growth and innovation.

Custom Development

Create and deploy custom plugins, prompts, and GPT models that cater specifically to your industry requirements and workflow, enhancing operational efficiency.

Introducing GPT Pro: The Next Level in AI Solutions

GPT Pro revolutionizes the hybrid workplace with specialized AI tools designed for team collaboration and efficient information management.

Copilot for Teams

Enhance your team's productivity with our AI-powered assistant, tailored for seamless team collaboration.

Interactive Dashboard

Access real-time insights and track team progress with our intuitive dashboard.

RAG Integration

Seamlessly integrate documents from SharePoint and other sources for efficient data management.

Transform your workplace with cutting-edge AI technology.