Extend Microsoft Teams capabilities with TeamsPro

Microsoft Teams meets nearly all your collaboration needs, but what if you want a calendar to track personal tasks, or you want a safe space in Teams to save and never forget your passwords? We’ve got you covered!

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TeamsPro is a suite of Microsoft Teams apps that add more features to Teams. Each app has a specific purpose and/or use case.

Easy to install

Log into the Admin Center with your Microsoft 365 account, allocate licenses and that's all, TeamsPro is installed!


You can buy one, ten, or thousands of licenses. The minimum order quantity is one.


TeamsPro apps have been 100% approved by Microsoft. Visit our Trust Center to learn more.

TeamsPro Apps make working on Microsoft Teams easier. As simple as it sounds.

Built on Microsoft Azure, TeamsPro seamlessly integrates and leverages Microsoft Teams — and best of all, it's a plug-and-play solution:
You won’t see a line of code.

What makes TeamsPro better than other solutions?

TeamsPro fits Teams to your needs - don't let other solutions hold you back by unnecessary features. With TeamsPro, you get access to the features you need and won't need an IT degree to use them.
Other solutions are designed to satisfy large business needs, not individuals or teams. When a tool is designed with big clients in mind, small businesses can often find it over-complicated, hard to set up, and prohibitively expensive.

More than 400k businesses from 56 countries use TeamsPro apps. So, we’re pretty sure it’ll work for you too.

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