Elevate employee engagement with Witivio in Microsoft Teams

Witivio creates an engaging digital work environment where employees feel recognized, trusted, and motivated to do their best at work, from day one.

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Elevating Engagement through Learning

94 %
of employees

affirm that a company's commitment to learning and development would make them more inclined to remain.
Embracing innovative tools like MetaOffice Pro and Teams is vital for nurturing growth and retaining talent.

Home Pro app for Microsoft Teams

Cultivating Culture, Building Connections

Transform your employee experience

A unified hub for news, conversations, and resources spanning the entire organization

Tailor the experience to cater to specific employee groups, roles, or locations

Infuse the experience with branding, iconography, colors, and logos that mirror your organizational identity

Offer personalized experiences that deliver pertinent content, data, and resources, driven by AI and Microsoft Graph

Integrate your investments in partner solutions from industry leaders like Workday and ServiceNow


Timely Delivery of Updates to Empower

Precise targeting, prioritization, and analysis

Scale communication volume to suit the situation, ensuring all stay informed

Elevate critical content for increased visibility in employee feeds

Spark engagement and interaction through tailored announcements to specific groups or all employees

Leverage advanced editing capabilities for effortless delegation of posts, scheduling of content, and impact tracking

Elevate your Workplace with MetaOffice Pro and Teams

Enhance Engagement through Seamless Solutions

Stay Informed and Engaged

Effortlessly deliver relevant news and announcements to employees precisely where they collaborate, powered by MetaOffice Pro and Teams

Connected Employee Hub

Promote meaningful interactions by granting employees easy access to communications, communities, and tools through Home Pro

Enhanced Interaction and Presence

Drive employee efficiency and interaction through instant communication and advanced presence capabilities offered by MetaOffice Pro