Elevate employee Knowledge & Expertise with Microsoft Teams

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Incorrect or inexistent support can bring negative and lasting effects

Limited ROI

Preventing the organization from achieving the targeted return on the investment for Office 365.

Overloaded Helpdesk IT

A high number of tickets from employees needing assistance with basic operations.

Unhappy workforce

Frustrated employees with low confidence in their skills and who look down on the tools the company provides.

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Empower Your Workforce with Learn365 Chatbot

Revolutionize the way your employees learn Microsoft 365

Interactive chatbot accessible directly within Microsoft Teams

Step-by-step guides, tips, and tricks for mastering Microsoft 365 tools

Tailored learning paths for different skill levels and job roles

Real-time problem-solving and knowledge reinforcement through AI


Maximize Employee Productivity with Learn365

Efficiently harness the power of Microsoft 365 applications

Instant access to tips and shortcuts while using Microsoft 365 tools

Automated troubleshooting for common user errors and issues

Continuous learning through personalized recommendations

Elevate Your Work Experience with Learn365

Learn365 brings three major benefits to companies that use it

Users feel more independent and confident with Office365
Up to -30% tickets to support on Office 365 requests
Identification of user knowledge gaps

Mastering Microsoft 365?

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