Your Microsoft 365 Virtual Coach on Teams

Learn365 is a virtual assistant integrated in Teams that answers questions about: Outlook, Teams, One Note, Yammer, OneDrive and more.

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When deploying Microsoft 365, it’s crucial to support employees

To-do’s and deadlines clutter our working hours, leaving almost no time for extras. Let alone having to figure out how the new tool works.

The proper support will help employees become self-sufficient users and increase Office 365 adoption while relieving the IT Helpdesk workload.

Incorrect or inexistent support can bring negative and lasting effects

Limited ROI

Preventing the organization from achieving the targeted return on the investment for Office 365.

Overloaded Helpdesk IT

A high number of tickets from employees needing assistance with basic operations.

Unhappy workforce

Frustrated employees with low confidence in their skills and who look down on the tools the company provides.

Learn365 is an affordable and ready-to-use virtual assistant that helps employees improve their Office 365 skills


Learn365 speaks four languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian.

60 HD videos

Short videos will help the user visualize the answer step by step.

+ 300 Questions

The knowledge base covers all common Office 365 questions.

Microsoft Teams Ready

The app is 100% integrated with Teams. Users can just plug-and-play.


Companies can access the knowledge base and customize it to their needs.

Office 365 Escalation

It connects to Office 365 support to pull information from other O365 Apps.

How Learn365 powers up your Office 365 skills


Discover Office 365 at your own pace

Learn365 is an expert on OneDrive, OneNote, Yammer, Teams, and Outlook. It answers questions about these tools and suggests what tools to use based on the user’s needs, 24/7.

Get answers to more than 300 questions

Learn365 contains four learning paths, more than 300 questions and 60 HD videos that help visualize answers. Understand which tools to use and how to use them.


Learn Office365 Tips & Tricks

Learn365 teaches the best practices, tips, and tricks based on the user’s role (Marketing, Sales, HR and Finance). You will also have access to advice for different apps and tasks, as well as for the latest updates.

Learn365 brings three major benefits to companies that use it

Users feel more independent and confident with Office365
Up to -30% tickets to support on Office 365 requests
Identification of user knowledge gaps

Learn365 Figures

43 +
5.000 +
20.000 +