Plan, invite, and book a meeting room easily.

Witivio has designed a meeting’s organizer chatbot for businesess. Contact Dynameet on Teams or Skype, and he will help you plan, invite, and reserve a room for your meetings. Dynameet is a virtual assistant that works in addition to Outlook to can contact your attendees directly.


Its geolocalization system allows it to instantly check meeting room availability, propose options, and reserves for you. Organizing a meeting has never been this easy.

Why using Dynameet when organizing your meetings?

Why using Dynameet?

Dynameet not only organizes meetings but also assists you thorough the different meeting phases

organisation de réunions Dynameet - Organiser une réunion

Find slots, book rooms, manage rooms with restricted access, check agendas, and contact participants.

organisation de réunions Dynameet -Optimiser une réunion

Dynameet advises on the use of available peripherals and the location of IT equipment. Improves working conditions for employees and processes to save time.

organisation de réunions Dynameet - Evaluer une réunion

Gather meeting experience from attendees

Organize a meeting

Dynameet connects directly to Exchange (Office 365).


Once Dynameet connects to Exchange (Office 365), it will consider your calendar’s information and propose you time-slots corresponding to your colleagues’ availability.


During your first conversation with Dynameet, all you need to do is tell it about your workplace location (building number, floor, office number). With this information, Dynameet will propose the closest meeting rooms available.

organisation de réunions Dynameet dans Microsoft Teams

Find time-slots

Dynameet can find slots with one or more colleagues, as soon as they are available, indicating:


  • A particular timing
  • A precise duration


When there is not availability within the desired time frame, the chatbot proposes other possibilities.

Booking meeting rooms

Dynameet can: 

  • Find an available room as soon as possible 
  • Find an available room by indicating a particular timing 
  • Find an available room by indicating a specific duration 
  • Find a room available for a particular number of people 
  • Find a room by specifying a location 

And combine the different options to find the most suitable time, room, and place. 

Organize meetings

Dynameet can:

  • schedule a meeting with one or more collaborators
  • reserve the meeting room
  • invite participants

What else?

Dynameet can manage restricted rooms (depending on your Outlook configuration); automatically send a reservation request for restricted rooms. It can designate a maximum time for a room reservation 

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Optimize your meeting

The meeting organizer connects to the physical environment and shares tips and best practices, wherever the users are. With Dynameet 365:

You provide quick and personalized solutions to employees to optimize the digital tools you have invested in.

You allow your employees to be independent and more creative.

You save time and free your teams from time-consuming activities.

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Dynameet connects to the physical environment

Assess the effectiveness of your meeting

organisation de réunions Evaluer l'efficacité d'une réunion

Dynameet 365 will ask the meeting’ participants for their opinion. This data will allow you to:

Optimize the number of participants for the future sessions

Offer more attractive content

Schedule a meeting at the right time