Metabot, the king of bots

What is a metabot?
July 7, 2021

Emma the HR chatbot, Robert the IT support chatbot, Sarah for the legal department, David for the general services… Each chatbot has its own specialty, but how do you know who to ask your question to? Try Matthew, the metabot.

No need to say it twice, as you already know that a chatbot is an intelligent conversational agent, which provides all useful information, and even automates repetitive tasks. And when a company and especially its employees have recognized how simple it is, the chatbot family becomes very diverse:

  • A chatbot for the HR department, which provides vacation remainders, access to training…

  • An IT service chatbot to limit the waiting time for IT support calls.

  • A chatbot for the legal department, where you can download contract templates or ask questions about a legal issue.

  • The general services chatbot for a lost badge or to find out what’s on the menu at the cafeteria.

The possibilities are limitless, every department can save time and effort by setting up and using a chatbot.

But what is a Metabot?

Sometimes, the expansion of all these chatbots becomes almost counter-productive. The employees can find themselves with a question in mind and not know which robot to address.

In this case you need to turn to a meta-bot. It is a kind of chatbot manager, which gathers and recognizes all the topics of its “chatbot-friends”. It can also be called super-bot, universal bot, or universal assistant.

The metabot therefore becomes a single point of contact between the employees and the “chatbot-friends”. No need to worry about the limitations of each of the bots, a metabot becomes a single digital interlocutor of all the employees. It then draws its information and resources from each of the chatbots.

How does a metabot work?

The Virtual Agent Studio by Witivio allows you to set up your own metabot. This super bot will draw information from different resources of other chatbots to find the most precise answer.

If sometimes the information is in two different chatbots, (for example a question about vacations can concern the HR chatbot as well as the finance/payroll chatbot) then thanks to artificial intelligence it generates its own question to better identify the request and provide the best service, from the scope of the right chatbot.

A real-life case of a major French industrial company

It is through the experience of one of our clients, a large French industrial company, that Witivio took over developing its metabot technology. This company had three HR chatbots, one to manage expense reports, another to manage labor law information, the third for training. And having too many chatbots contradicts the whole purpose of a chatbot!

The employees no longer knew which of the three bots to contact when they had an issue. So, we had to create a new bot for them, the famous metabot, which was able to answer all their questions by using the knowledge of all these “chatbot-friends”.

Who said that the metabot was profiting from the work of others?


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