Witivio launches a new catalog of apps for Microsoft Teams

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February 24, 2021
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Witivio launches a new catalog of apps for Microsoft Teams

  • Witivio releases a new product: TeamsPro by Witivio, a catalog of applications to personalize Microsoft Teams to the unique needs of the organization.
  • Witivio begins 2021 by expanding to Switzerland, thanks to the support of Microsoft Geo Expansion Program and Microsoft for Startups, France.

Since 2017, Witivio offers innovative solutions to revolutionize employee experience. Witivio’s flagship product, the Enterprise Virtual Assistant, has in 3.5 years helped 47 companies digitalize their business processes. Witivio’s sophisticated Chatbots are helping 94.7K employees automate repetitive tasks and access information — without writing a single line of code.

In 2021, Witivio launches TeamsPro by Witivio to further pursue its mission, to: “Unveil the power of Microsoft Teams.” TeamsPro by Witivio is a catalog of Microsoft Teams apps that boosts Microsoft Teams functionalities and personalizes them to mold to the needs of the organization. By using Witivio’s TeamsPro catalog, employees will start and finish their day in Microsoft Teams. The catalog is classified into five families, corresponding to the most common team needs:  Planning & Organization, Communication, Security, Collaboration, and Adoption & Socialization. With more than 70K companies and 125K unique users, Calendar Pro consolidates its position as one of the premier French apps for Teams.

Nicolas Humann, CEO and Co-founder at Witivio**,** commented on the success of Calendar Pro. _“With the integration of Microsoft Teams in more than 500,000 organizations in 2020, organizations are searching for solutions to personalize Microsoft Teams to their business and organizational needs. The success of Calendar Pro reflects this need for personalization and collaboration”._ In his opinion, Microsoft Teams applications will continue to play a crucial role in the future of Microsoft Teams. _“Every business is unique. Applications are the best option to fit Microsoft Teams to all business needs._”

Anthony Virapin, Director of the Startup & ISV Recruit Business Unit — Microsoft France spoke about the accomplishments of Witivio at the Microsoft for Startups Program. “We are very pleased to support the startup Witivio in developing  solutions that enhance the employee experience. For more than ten years, Microsoft France has been creating and nurturing programs to actively contribute to the development of startups and the companies of tomorrow: talent detection, business, technological, international acceleration and support, and networking with our customers. Among its  solutions, Witivio has developed 4 applications dedicated and integrated to Microsoft Teams.”

The release of TeamsPro is not the only announcement for 2021 from Witivio.The startup plans to expand to Switzerland. “Witivio’s geographical expansion was one of the goals for 2020. Despite the difficult circumstances (COVID19), we are ready to step out” declares Nicolas Humann. “We can only thank the Microsoft Geo Expansion Program, Microsoft for Startups France, and Microsoft Switzerland for the support during these months of planning.”

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