At Vivatech, Witivio won over the President of Microsoft

Witivio Vivatech 2021 Brad Smith Microsoft President Selene Suau Marketing Manager
June 25, 2021
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At Vivatech, Witivio won over the President of Microsoft

VivaTech is the must-attend event for technology professionals. So of course, Witivio was there. Four days immersed among the most innovative companies and startups, in contact with digital professionals and enthusiasts… and most certainly Brad Smith.

VivaTech in numbers

140,000 visitors, 26,000 in person and 114,000 on the digital platform, VivaTech kept its promises. Not to mention the social networks, a total of 119 million people in 149 countries were reached with a total of nearly 1.7 billion views… 500 innovations were presented by the 1,100 exhibitors… Don’t those VivaTech numbers make you dizzy?


Prestigious high-tech cast

It must be said that the event was full of big names of the tech industry. A cast worthy of a digital block buster with Peggy Johnson (CEO of Magic Leap), Thierry Breton (European Commissioner), Tim Cook (CEO - Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (CEO - Facebook), Sebastian Siemiatkowski (CEO - Klarna), Marie Ekeland (CEO - 2050), Arvind Krishna (CEO - IBM), Thomas Kurian (CEO - Google Cloud), Brad Smith (President - Microsoft), Thibaud Hug de Larauze (CEO - Back Market), Sofia Nunes (co-founder - Mambu).

Brad Smith thrilled by TeamsPro by Witivio

Among them, surely enough, Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft came to meet Selene Suau, Head of Marketing at Witivio in person, because as a Microsoft partner, Witivio was present on the stand of the brand. For 15 minutes the executive questioned the young woman about the new features and apps by Witivio. First, she presented Calendar Pro, the shared calendar which is already among the most used in the world by multinationals, SMEs, or universities. But also, Teams Pro, a suite of apps integrated into Teams, as well as a chatbot dedicated to the use of the platform and user training, with password management solutions, virtual cafes etc. Both applications are available on the Microsoft Store.


Virtual Agent Studio by Witivio praised at the event

The Virtual Agent Studio by Witivio was also very popular among the event visitiors. Visitors and entrepreneurs were interested in the no code SAAS solution that allows to set up custom chatbots for employees. (HR chatbot, IT support chatbot, legal chatbot, metabot…).

Political figures fascinated by digital technology

Many political figures also came to join the beat of the digital industry at Vivatech. Emmanuel Macron, the French President, took the floor to urge Europeans to build a future around the digital industry. Or remotely, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the world to invest in tech to find solutions and invent the new world after the pandemic. Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, also walked the aisles of the show, as did Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery, and Elisabeth Borne, current Minister of Transport.


Green innovations in the spotlight

But if Witivio is an expert in the theme of the “future of work”, other startups present at the show have aroused the interest of visitors for their actions in favor of ecology. Skypull, which plans to revolutionize wind energy by harnessing high-altitude winds. Its drone/kite could reach 400 meters of altitude and extract energy from the wind by pulling on a cable connected to a generator.

Your data stored in plants

Grow Your Own Cloud wants to replace energy-hungry data centers with plants! The startup is working on a solution to store computer data in the genetic code of plants.


Airships to transport large goods

Flying Wales plans to revive zeppelins. The startup is developing new giant helium airships to transport containers or large materials by air.

At VivaTech, innovation is taking off indeed…

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