About us

Created in 2017 by Nicolas and Tanguy, Witivio is a start-up who edits an innovative solution of virtual assistants for empowered employees.


Our mission is to transform the experience of employees and make your digitalization a success by simplifying access to information and interactivity on your collaborative platforms.  The digital transition is often a challenge, our solution also automates recurring and time-consuming tasks to revalue teams on activities with greater added value.

Our intentions

Our principal objective is to improve the professional life of our clients. How?

By helping you during the launch of a project that matters to you

By automating recurring and time-consuming tasks in order to focus on tasks with higher added value

By facilitating the integration of your new employees

By improving access to information

By reinforcing the reputation of your employer brand

By remaining attentive to your requests to always find solutions to your problems

Nicolas manages the progress of each project and guarantees the company's longevity.
Nicolas - Co-Founder
Imane knows everything about platform Witivio and helps you to set up a chatbot.
Imane - Product Manager
Tanguy is in charge of the technical implementation of the solution. He is Dynameet's dad.
Tanguy - Co-Founder
Mary answers all questions from Witivio employees in the HR field.
Mary - Bot HR
Julien contributes to the development of our ambitions!
Julien - Sales Director
Camille will help you during the setting up of your chatbot and guarantee the image of Witivio.
Camille - Consultant/Marketing Developer
Alexis is involved in the development of new features of the platform Witivio.
Alexis - Consultant Developer
Thomas is attentive to your needs to bring you THE right chatbot solution.
Thomas - Consultant/Business Developer
Want to be a member of our team?
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